Monday, January 7, 2013

Skagit Audubon with blinders

From at Washington Tweeters, from Gary Bletsch, an advanced birder- very active in Skagit Audubon. Gary is also a field -trip leader, and also travels many areas of the world to observe birds.
06 Jan 2013  "Skagit 2012  "missing" birds"
Dear Tweeters, There are a number of species for which we don't have any records for Skagit County. If anyone has any sightings for these 2012 Skagit birds, please let me know.
Redhead; White-Tailed Ptarmigan; Western screech owl; Northern goshawk; Horned Lark; Lapland Longspur; Clay-Colored Sparrow; Gray-crowned Rosy Finch. Yours truly, Gary Bletsch.

On 7 January, I emailed Gary to inform him to observe concerning my sightings, and also informed Gary of my report to the WOS of a Clay-Colored Sparrow.
I will have more to report on concerning this issue.

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