Monday, April 22, 2013

Deception Pass Goshawk

22 April  11 p.m.  Deception Pass
1 NG in flight at about 600 feet elevation. Bright sun. But could not get a feel as to the sex (specific size). Possibly because of the sun. This hawk was not in migration. It went into the trees.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Male NG

20 April  2:10 P.M.   Saint Mary's Church
1 male NG ripping through at about 150 feet elevation. Naked eye-no sun- wind at 10 M.P.H. and cold.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

male NG- 3 sightings

16 April  2 P.M.  St. Mary's Church - Anacortes
1 Mature male NG, bright sun. The hawk was circling, gliding, flapping, and drifting from near my zenith at 100 feet elevation to about 300 feet elevation. Clearly visible was the silver- gray chest and belly. Observation time about 4 minutes.
30 minutes later a male NG was circling in the same area, at about 100 feet elevation to about 300 feet elevation, and drifting far to my right flank. Observation time about 4 minutes. Then 2 minutes later to my front and less than 100 feet elevation, was a male NG circling about 100 yards away. This hawk also took to the sky at about 300 feet elevation. Observation time 3 minutes. All NG had  same tail length and wing length. So all sightings could have been of the same hawk. But the time and the distance separating the second sighting from the third indicates 2 different male NG.

Male NG- Naked Eye

1 male NG- at 100 feet elevation,circling- then went to 300 feet elevation. Observation time- 4 minutes. Zero wind- bright sun. Naked eye.