Monday, January 21, 2013

Birders are whimps

21 January-  Here is one example: A birder reads of a report, over the internet, that Miss Jones has reported an unusual bird. The birder goes to the area the next day and observes the the bird, the very bird she wanted to observe. So in her report to the listserv, she reports on finding the bird, "Miss Jones' bird" (find).
Firstly, the bird had already been reported a day earlier. Secondly, the bird most recently reported does not have to be the same bird as reported by Miss Jones. So, in order to be correct, or what she thinks is scientific, or good reporting, the birder may be incorrect. More to the point, in order to respect Miss Jones, and not steal her thunder, and to give her credit so as not to step on her toes, the birder had to insert Miss Jones' name.
Birders are so thoughtful and considerate, and are wimps. Many birders are left- wingers, and some are ultra, left-wingers. I will report on some of the ultra, left-wingers!

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