Wednesday, January 2, 2013

goshawk report for 2012

I had 17 daily sightings - all in city limits of Anacortes except 1 sighting on D'arcy Road, Samish Flats ( male), and at Skagit Regional Airport, doubles (female). Doubles were also observed over Mount Erie School. All goshawks were in flight, and were not in migration. These are resident hawks. One NG did go to perch. I don't know how many NG are hunting in Anacortes, as I could not grasp the situation of making each hawk an individual entity. I must have this information in order to verify a particular NG: age, sex, tail length, tail-tip structure, and thickness of terminal band.
17 daily sightings is not a lot of sightings considering that as a guesstimate, I put in 575 hours of hawk watching, looking deep into the sky.
There are at least 2 NG hunting in Anacortes. Of course I am observing the same NG over and over again.

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