Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dark female NG

16 November-  Noon- Anacortes
1 dark female NG in flight at tree top level- then soaring over Anacortes at about 500 feet elevation. I'm loving it. If I were at Mc Donald's parking lot drinking coffee - and a goshawk flew by- then that is a double I'm loving it!

Goshawk Doubles! 17 November  11 a.m.  Near Mount Erie
2 goshawks- mature, circling over 3 Red- Tailed hawks that were circling over tree tops near the base of Mt. Erie. Bright sun. The male NG made 2 dives to attack the female. Or was it cavorting? Then the male male went circling at about 1500 feet elevation. Then behind me was a perched immature female Cooper's. I'm loving it, even though the McDonald's is 6 miles away.

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  1. You seem to have written a lot about Northern Goshawks in the western US... do you know if they have expanded into cities in the eastern US? Also, is there a reason you stopped writing on your blog?