Friday, November 1, 2013

goshawk hot spot- Bay View Ridge- Skagit Co.

I will now go to this hot spot more often, as over many years I have observed the goshawk- at least 1 male and at least 2 different (doubles) females, always in flight at these locations. Route 20 - one sighting, very near airport property, Skagit Regional Airport; 3 sightings-near the airport; 2 sightings on Josh Wilson Road; 2 sightings from Pidilla Bay Preserve; and 2 sightings from D'Arcy Road. Suggestion; there are other hawkwatch sites you can develop- just back away from the trees, even if one mile away. This is hawkwatching, not birding. You will not observe Cooper's soaring but might have a slim chance to observe Sharpie soaring. Notice; Cooper's are living on the ridge. The goshawks will drop down from higher elevation during fall, winter, and spring.
Where are these goshawks coming from? Probably from Blanchard Mountain. Yet, some Anacortes goshawks may  come to this area, the result might be new hook-ups- meaning a spreading of the gene pool.

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