Friday, March 29, 2013

On Sheri Williamson- Birder

Sheri operates a not for profit birding organization in S.E. Arizona. She just could not hesitate to chime in to the S. Arizona listserv at Some other birders were complaining of my goshawk sightings in Tucson. Sheri said something such as- It is wrong to belittle Mr. Briefer, and it goes against the rules of the listserve, (a non- profit organization.) But, the listserve is not monitored and it should be. I know because I have experience with monitoring birding reports and hot- lines. I would not have allowed goshawks to be reported as from Tucson.
The problem with Sheri Williamson is that she is too "habitat conscious", as are most biologists and ornithologists, but northern goshawks are not habitat conscious. Also, she is too habit conscious. Meaning-she works in lock step with most ornithologists, biologists , and raptor biologists.
Sheri Williamson cannot stand for controversy. She is probably an ultra- left winger. The best way to deal with controversy is to shut- up the reporter- the favorite tactic of the lefties.
So it's on you, Sheri.

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