Saturday, May 7, 2011

just goshawks continued

23 April 12:15 P.M. Pioneer Trails RV Park - Anacortes
1 male NG.

30 April 3:15 P.M. Pioneer Trails RV Park- Anacortes
1 mature female.

1 May 12 P.M. Skagit Regional Airport - East of Anacortes, West of Burlington

2 female NG, bumping into each other, diving upon one another, and chasing across the sky at elevation of 150 feet and 200 feet. Then they split, and one female was circling over and over again near my position. Observation time 5 minutes. As I have voiced- try the airport, you will like it! It might have the potential for Chipping Sparrows, E. Skylarks, and bluebirds.

3 May College Way and Burlington Blvd.- Burlington
1 female Sharpie being attacked and chased by a crow, at 150 feet elevation.

4 May near Campbell Lake- Anacortes

1 female goshawk at about 5,000 feet elevation. At times the hawk could not be observed naked-eye, but could be observed and identified, at possibly 8,000 feet from my position., with binos. The hawk could also be sexed, from the size, structure, and proportions of the wings. Observation time 6 minutes.

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